What We Do

Fennell Spring Company supplies precision springs and wire forms for automotive, commercial, industrial, government, aerospace and medical applications worldwide with unbeatable floor-to-door turnaround time and no-cost prototype development.


How We Work

Our 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses state of the art coiling and wire-forming equipment in the capable hands of highly-skilled personnel & complies with ISO 9001:2015 and CQI-9 standards as documented by independent auditor, National Quality Assurance, USA Inc.

In-House Operations
• Grinding
• Stress Relieving
• Painting/Dyeing
• Shot Peening/Tumbling
• Tooling by expert toolmakers

Full-Service Departments
• Quality Assurance
• Product Engineering
• Customer Assistance
• Complete EDI capabilities for electronic transfer of purchase orders and order releases

Our springs and wire forms are available in wire diameters of .005 inches to .250 inches in a variety of raw and pre-plated materials to meet all your functional requirements
Compression Springs

Custom, precision, stress-relieved, high tolerance… what you can expect from Fennell Spring. Available in a variety of sizes and constant cylindrical diameters, as well as conical, concave, convex or any combination of these shapes based on your application.

Fennell Spring’s in-house grinding operation assures our ends meet your needs.

  compression1.gif compression2.gif compression4.gif compression5.gifcompression3.gifcompressionacompressionb
Extension Springs

When your application calls for controlled resistance to a pulling force, Fennell Spring can produce the extension spring you need in a variety of raw and pre-plated metals with classic or custom end hooks.

Fennell Spring’s engineering expertise assures our ends meet your needs.



extension3.gif extension4.gif

Torsion & Clutch Springs

Angular ends and controlled resistance to external torque differentiate these precision springs. Specific functional expectations determine the final product.

Fennell Spring’s commitment to innovation and quality
assures a completely satisfying experience from prototype design through production.







Wire Forms

These coil-less springs are available in as many shape options as there are applications. Let us work with you to design and produce the exact wire form you need.

Fennell Spring’s customer assistance professionals assure our means meet your ends and desired end-results.

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